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“The previous reviewer started out with how they felt this place was friendly and honest, with great customer support. Frankly you cannot hope for something better than that when searching for an auto repair place. Many a place will tell you that “your johnson rod needs to be replaced”, when no such part exists. So to have honesty in a repair place is A#1. Combine that with the other aforementioned attributes, and you have the recipe for a place you would want to take your car to.

My personal experience with them was decidedly a great experience. I was traveling through the area from another state a few weeks ago, came in late on Saturday and they were busy. However the manager took the time to listen to my problem, and found a tech who could take a quick look to determine what the problem was. Aside from being great customer services wise, he did this so there would be enough time to order parts and get the repair done prior to them closing. As it turns out they quickly figured out what the problem was and tried to get the part. Unfortunately the part was a dealer only item that was not in stock locally. Nevertheless, it was still reassuring that they diagnosed my problem and attempted to help try to fix my truck to get me back on the road so I could get home safely.

While I do not live in Niceville, the manager and his attitude reflected well on the towns name. If I did live up there, based on my experience with them, they would be my go to place for automotive repairs..”
~ Jim M. / Miami, FL (Yelp Review)

” Great experience! We’ve taken our car there twice. The first time it had to be towed & needed a new starter. This time it was making a noise that concerned us. This time they diagnosed a noise & explained that unless we were really bothered by the noise, no repair was required. It refreshing to work with an Auto Service team that gives you the full story even when it means you don’t have expensive work done. They have one more very loyal customer..”
~ Michael Miller / (Google+ Review)

”  The professionals at Niceville Auto Service stand behind their work and go the extra mile to ensure total customer satisfaction. I trust them to recommend and do what is needed to ensure each of my vehicles are safe and reliable. I had done a lot of my own routine vehicle maintenance for years before I moved to Niceville, but their reasonable rates, comprehensive expertise, quality service, and excellent warranty convinced me it is better to “leave it to the pros” at Niceville Auto. I am so glad a neighbor recommended them to me!”
~ Rand McNair / (Google+ Review)

” Our family has used Niceville Auto Service since we were transplanted here from California nearly ten years ago. Over the years we have trusted David and Diana with ALL our vehicles (total of seven vehicles). Dave (front desk) and all his mechanics walk us through every single repair and explain why it needs to get done and sometimes offer less expensive alternatives. Once, our son’s vehicle broke down and his friends helped push the vehicle to the nearest mechanic (not Niceville Auto Service). The mechanic diagnosed a problem with the engine that would cost us over $800.00 to fix…I wanted a second opinion and had it towed to Niceville Auto where they found that we had a loose battery connection!! They reconnected and sent us on our way at no charge!! THANK YOU for ALWAYS being honest and earning our trust…absolutely priceless!”
~ Dora Stewart / (Google+ Review)

” The Dave’s – newly joined by John – along with their outstanding service staff, are the best auto repair shop that I have ever used. Their work is always done on time and correctly and they advise me of everything they have done or what I might need to have done. ”
~ Martha McDonald / (Google+ Review)

” I have used these guys ever since my brakes failed completely in 1999. They were the nearest shop from the incident, and I gave them carte blanche to go over the entire car and fix anything remotely messed up that they could find. Expected to be taken for a ride of at least $3000 or so. The bill? $65. That’s all. One little piece had fallen off the ABS. I know they checked my car over, because he handed me a list of things that would be nice to fix if I had the money, but told me that nothing was urgent. We have taken our cars to them ever since then even though their location on the opposite end of town is inconvenient.”
~ Lynette Caulkins / (Google+ Review)

” I have been using Dave and his crew at Niceville Auto for over 20 years, back when he was in his original location. There is a reason his business continues to grow. I am a former certified mechanic and there are very (very) few people I trust to work on my vehicles – Dave and crew is an exception. The work is professional, their recomendations are not overstated, estimates are accurate, and they finish on schedule. I don’t give praise easily, but this shop is top notch and have earned my trust.”
~ A Google User/ (Google+ Review)